Momentum. It’s not what brands say, it’s what they do that matters


We are Momentum, the Total Brand Experience Agency. We believe the most important product a brand makes – aside from the actual product – is experiences.

People are looking for new ways to connect with brands, and we ensure that these connections have meaning. We help brands connect to what matters most to people by shifting from top down messaging to real cultural connections that provide tangible value.

Our focus, our passion, and our reason for being is to help brands imagine, create, and curate their Total Brand Experience. And at the heart of every meaningful experience is a big idea.


  • Experiential – We create experiences that people want to talk about and share
  • Experience Design – We create unforgettable environments that inspire audiences
  • Sponsorships - We make authentic connections between brands and properties
  • Influencer – We identify and manage anyone with a platform to amplify
  • Shopper – Proprietary path to purchase through our shopper analytics toolset
  • Creative & Strategy – We’re guided by insights and understand that creative thinking drives everything we do